The courses enclosed herewith are destined to Master 2 students of Didactics throughout the 1st semester of the academic year 2023-2024.

General Introduction to Social Sciences and Humanities

Social and Human Sciences vs Natural Sciences

Social Sciences: Definition and Disciplines

Humanities: Definition and Disciplines





For Further Reading:


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-Seligman, R.R.A. (). Encyclopaedia of Social Sciences Vol VII. New York: Macmillan Company



Course Objectives:
1. Gain familiarity with some of the main events and ideas in pre-1500 World History.
2. To understand the origins of humankind and the development of civilization.
3. To comprehend classical and medieval societies.
4. To comprehend the development of religious traditions and philosophical systems in ancient history.

The study of grammar aims to understand the purposes of speech, and to understand what is read, heard, written or spoken with a correct understanding, with which the concepts settle in the mind of the performer or the recipient and the meanings and ideas become clear and unambiguous, unambiguous to the speaker, listener, or reader or writer. There are two main objectives for teaching grammar rules, the first is the theoretical objective and the second is the functional objective.

Choosing a career path not only matches your skills and values, but  also matches your motivations and passions to be successful and happy in your professional and  personal life.

The following themes will be covered throughout the academic for Master 2 (in one semesters since they have only one semester study )

The following themes will be covered throughout the academic year (in 2 semesters