Image processing is a discipline of computer science and applied mathematics that studies digital images and their transformations, with the aim of improving their quality or extracting information from them.

In the context of artificial vision, image processing takes place after the acquisition and digitization process, ensuring image transformations and the calculation part allowing to go towards an interpretation of the processed images.

Understanding this course of image processing begins with understanding what an image is. The mode and conditions of acquisition and digitization of the processed images largely condition the operations that will have to be carried out to extract information.

The course is divided into a set of learning units that allow you to acquire skills in the use of signal processing.

It also allows you to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge essential to analyze the data received and use it to process and improve the images.

Ce cours vous aide à rédiger des documents professionnels efficaces. Chaque section fournira des conseils sur une rédaction plus professionnels ainsi que des leçons pour améliorer vos compétences globales en écriture scientifiques.